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In these paintings I have been drawn to both the depiction of water and human narratives. The work is a reflection on the suffering caused by climate change, the tragedy of mass migration and by contrast, the way people are drawn to water for leisure. All of this evoked feelings within me about the power of water, whether this was from the destruction of hurricane storms to the loss of life of refugees in small boats. All the while I was enjoying water as a life force, a source of recreation and pleasure. I wanted to create a sense of ambivalence within the work. Fluorescent colours have been used within the paintings to draw attention to the characteristics of loss, menace, the power and attraction of water and the hidden stories of the depicted figures. These bright colours are emphasised through the stark contrast with the deep blues and blacks I have used to depict water. I want the viewer to attach their own meaning to what they see. I intend the paintings to be visually seductive yet have content that is ambiguous. Is this a scene of welcome or foreboding? What has brought the figures to this point and are they in danger? What is hidden? What lies beneath?

Photo by Anna Lockhart. @scrannarose